Deep insights into the nature of your patients’ events

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Video recording playback synchronised to EEG-ECG

Accurate diagnosis relies heavily on eye-witness accounts, but they are not always available and they are not always reliable.
On Seer Cloud, you can navigate to points of interest in the data and watch events simultaneously with EEG and ECG traces.

Web-based reports and collaboration

Access reports quickly from anywhere with an Internet connection with your Seer Cloud account.

Collaborate with colleagues by securely sharing reports and annotating data.

Comprehensive overview of testing results

The Seer Cloud platform gives you full visibility over your patients’ studies for an in-depth understanding of their condition.

Safe and secure data storage

Seer Cloud is in compliance with GDPR standards for data security.

Keep track of the patients you refer to Seer Medical

Coming soon!

Your dashboard gives you an overview of the status of each patient you have referred to the Seer Medical diagnostics service.

Diagnose and prescribe confidently

Patients’ self-reported events and medication diaries through Seer App are accessible on Seer Cloud to doctors they choose to share with.

Identify patterns in event occurrences and the effect of courses of treatment.

Support you can count on

When you refer to Seer Medical, you benefit from the support of a dedicated representative to guide you through using Seer Cloud.

See how it works

Take a tour of Seer Cloud with a Seer representative and see how it can help you make more confident treatment decisions.