At-home video-EEG-ECG for your patients

Web-based reports and data management for you.

Who is this for?

Patients who benefit from Seer Medical’s diagnostic monitoring are those who present with:

  • Events with impaired awareness, unresponsive episodes or loss of consciousness
  • Possible seizures occurring during sleep
  • Unprovoked convulsive activity
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Long-term monitoring for all ages

Our diagnostic service caters to patients young and old.
We see children from the age of four.

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Reports within five weeks of monitoring

You’ll get a comprehensive report and the complete annotated data set on Seer Cloud within five (5) weeks of patient disconnection.

We work with our referring doctors to provide reports sooner when they are needed urgently.

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Full diagnostic visibility on the Seer Cloud

The Seer Cloud highlights key features of EEG and ECG data from every study and allows you to view the video recorded during patient events.
No other system gives you access to event presentation with simultaneous brain and heart activity as simply as Seer Cloud.

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View EEG-ECG traces synced to video recording

Track patient medication adherence

View self-reported seizure diary

Share cases with colleagues within your organisation

Access patient status and reports from anywhere

Event and medication tracking

The Seer App is used to record events and keep a diary of medication adherence before, during, and after monitoring.
Events reported during monitoring are highlighted in the data for easy access.

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Get a personal tour of Seer Cloud and how the diagnostic system works from a Seer representative.