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Home-based diagnostic testing is a safe and trusted option for understanding the cause of your seizures.

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Not all seizures are epilepsy

In fact, not all events that look like seizures are seizures at all.

Thorough testing helps to pinpoint the cause of your events, putting you in the best position for an accurate diagnosis.

Gold standard diagnostics. No hospital visits.

Video-EEG-ECG testing has traditionally been offered as a hospital in-patient service, resulting in long waitlists and limited access.

The Seer Medical system is portable and designed for comfortable, long-term monitoring in the home, giving thousands of Australians the opportunity to be tested and get the answers they need.

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Capture everything, anytime

The Seer Medical system is designed to capture events over a period of several days. The night vision camera catches events that only happen during sleep.

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A witness when you need one

Eye-witness accounts of an event are an extremely important part of diagnosis, but they are not always available – and they are not always reliable.

Video recordings support EEG and ECG data to help your doctor diagnose with confidence.

Why do people choose Seer Medical?

No hospital visits

Specialised clinics across Australia

Ability to sponge bathe or shower (Depending on system type)

Expert data analysis and reporting to referring doctor

Flexible bookings with short wait times

Comfort and convenience

Empowering people is our passion

We’re leading the shift to healthcare in the home with revolutionary technologies that empower people to take control of their health.

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Access to high quality testing is why Seer Medical was founded. Our clinics are located in every major city and across regional Australia.

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